Personalized Dog Accessories

Dog Beds, Sofa Beds, Cushions, Placemats, Car Booster Seats and custom and customisable accessories for your dog.


  • Personalized Dog Car...

    Personalized dog car seats, useful to guarantee the maximum safety while you are travelling by car with your dog.

  • Personalized Dog Beds

    Personalized dog beds with your dog's picture and name.

  • Personalized Dog Bed...

    Dog bed pillows that you can personalize with your dog's picture and name. 

  • Personalized Dog Blankets

    Personalized dog blankets, made of soft cotton to guarantee your four-legged friend comfort and shelter.

    Every blanket is fluffy and can be personalized, is ideal to give an extra touch to a personalized dog bed, to make their favorite spot comfortable, or simply to protect the furniture from pet hair.

    Each blanket is designed exclusively to ensure ease and comfort for the dog, without underestimating the durability.

  • Personalized Dogs...

    Personalized sleep bags for dogs, padded, made of soft fabric.

    The Sleepypets sleeping bag is designed for small and medium-sized dogs. Made of durable, high quality, washable and customizable fabric with your pet's name.

    The sleeping bag is padded with soft padding which makes it comfortable and very comfortable. It features a removable inner cushion that acts as a comfortable support for your dog.

    Is a snug, pocket-shaped dog bed, internally lined in soft fabric. Warm and welcoming, perfect for sweetening his naps or for feeling safe.

  • Personalized Dog Tags

    Here you can find our personalized dog tags with your pet's name and your telephone number.

    Our personalized dog tags not only are a beautiful accessory for your dog, but also are useful in case your four-legged friend gets lost.

  • Collare e guinzaglio...
  • Dog Food Mats

    Personalized Dog Food Mats with your Dog's name and a color of your choice.

  • Plush Toys for Dogs

    Personalized dog bone plush toys for dogs and puppies. Soft, Fluffy and EcoFriendly, perfect to pamper your four-legged friends.

  • Personalized Dog Bowls

    Personalized bowls with your dog's picture and name.

  • Cover personalizzate
  • Personalized Dog Print...

    Personalized mugs with your Dog's picture. 

  • Custom Dog Frame with...

    Print with your dog's photo on high quality photographic paper, with custom graphics

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